This is a list of the favorite things we own, love and have carefully selected.
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‘Heirloomness’ is the one principle that guides everything on this list. Is this something we want forever? Is this something that our grandkids could want forever? These are hard, bordering impossible, questions. But let’s step away from external forces that drive current desires and trends and consider the objects we acquire on a generational time scale.

  • The design is simple, timeless and long-lasting. We want to love it today and forever.
  • It’s over-engineered to take a beating and age gracefully. We trip, fall, spill and drop things. It’s part of life. Engineer it to account for abuse, misuse and wear.
  • It’s built with quality in mind, using the right tools and materials. There’s a time and place for every material. But, let’s not kid ourselves, a plastic case with a metallic finish will not perform the same as a piece that’s milled out of a solid block of metal.
  • The interface is intuitive to use and works as expected. No manuals please. Who reads those anyways?
  • It’s intuitive to fix if and when it breaks. Even the best designed, accident proofed, over-engineered things eventually break. When they do, we’d like to be able to fix it, with simple tools, and with ease.

Spending a lot of time and effort finding “the ones” made us realize how important this was to us. We started this repository for our reference and we’re hoping you might find it useful too. This is our catalog of the best stuff for us, you and future generations.


Skin Cream

My mom gives us bottles of Egyptian Magic whenever we run out. At first we thought she was nuts, but it is now one of the few things we have in our bathroom. Made with few, easy to pronounce ingredients like olive oil, beeswax and honey, and it has NO synthetic preservatives or fragrances. It’s great for dry skin, hair and on scrapes + cuts. Mom knows best.